We have spoken with council and the fields are being cored today with seeding taking place on Monday. Little As and Touch footie are considered low impact sports and are being allowed to continue for the coming two weeks. Soccer is high impact for the following reasons:
soccer boots
repetitive drills
adults running, twisting, turning and sliding (obviously they've never watched out O45s play)

If a small bunch of "youngsters" want to have a run around at the edge of the fields (maybe at the far back righthand corner) over the next two weeks, there should be no problem. We need to stay off the cored areas at all times please.

If you want to play a more organised training game or have a training session which encompasses the above criteria, then we suggest you use Castle Hill Showground during the following times:

Mon - 4pm-6pm
Tues - 4pm-6pm
Wed - 4-6pm
Thurs - 4-6pm
Fri - 4-7pmĀ 

This is until 15th March.