A message from our hard working and dedicated 

Competition Secretary Vince Skoljarev

Hi all,

Congrats on making the Grand Final !!!!

Here is the proposed schedule for this weekend (Weather pending). Rain is expected this week, so I will let you know if there are changes to the Saturday games. I expect the Sunday games to go ahead as per schedule.

There will be presentations after your games so please ensure your team stays until the presentation is done.

Boys teams playing at Hills Centenary on Saturday 31/8/19

14/4 Blue vs Glenhaven @ Hills Centenary 3. Kickoff 9.45am

15/2 vs Kellyville Kolts Red @ Hills Centenary 2. Kickoff 11.30am

Girls teams playing at Bernie Mullane on Sunday 1/9/19

12G/1 Blue vs Kellyville Kolts @ Bernie Mullane 1. Kickoff 8.30am

13G/1 Red vs Kellyville Kolts Blue @ Bernie Mullane 1. Kickoff 9.45am

15G/2 Blue vs Hills Knights @ Bernie Mullane 2 Kickoff 9.00am

Youth Girls 1 Blue vs Castle Hill United Red @ Bernie Mullane 1. Kickoff 11.00am

Youth Girls 2 Red vs Castle Hill United Blue @ Bernie Mullane 2. Kickoff 1.00pm

Exciting times ahead and we wish all of our teams the very best. We would love to see as many of our Rams Cheer Squad our supporting the teams. Let’s get behind our teams