A shout out to our Rouse Hill Rams Soccer family, friends and greater community, to join us in cheering on our Youth Girls 1 team who are playing the prestigious Champiom of Champions Grand Final for 2019. This Sunday at 4:30pm, VSP1 Valentines Park, Glenwood. 

We are so proud of the girls. This is a team who only formed this year and managed to only concede one goal against them the entire season, they were also undefeated. Our girls have played with Rams pride and gone onto win the Minor Premiership, win their Grand Final and have now made it all the way to the Grand Final, proudly representing our wonderful club and Hills Football

Thank you goes out to all of the coaches, managers, parents and players who have enjoyed the tournament and will be playing their hearts out this weekend. Win or lose, we will be cheering from the stands. What an amazing achievement. 

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