Rouse Hill Rams Soccer Club commenced in 2006 with 185 registered players. The club is one of the largest in the newly formed Hills Football Incorporated with over 1100 players in 2018 Retention rates have continued to exceed 85% and growth is expected to be 15% per year. 

Rams Soccer is a grassroots football club and offers football for all levels from U6 to seniors. The club has been at the forefront of implementing small sided football over the last 13 years, with sufficient teams to conduct in-house games for U6 and U7 age groups, which are played in a positive environment focused on fun, participation and learning. The club is focused on junior development and offers programs and support to assist all players improve. The club aim is to allow all players and coaches to reach their full potential in a positive and inclusive environment. 

While Rams Soccer is a grassroots football club, the club will assist players to enter the various pathways who show potential and desire to play at a higher level. Many Rams players have graduated from the small sided football program into outstanding players at elite level. Rams Soccer also supports a pathway for Referee's from Instructional to Junior with the club being awarded Goals For Grassroots award in 2013 which focused on Instructional Referee Program. Rams believe that it is essential for the game to prosper into the future with well trained Referee's being essential. 

The primary focus of the club shares the values of Sports Club and provides opportunity for a social connection through sport. Many life long friendships have been established over many years and the club plays an important role in making a well connected, healthy, strong and inclusive community. The club will always share this value first and foremost over results. 

In 2016 Rams Soccer has continued to grow in most age groups, and will continue increased focus on junior development and further investment into Home of Rouse Hills Rams first class facility at Hills Centenary Oval. 

Find us at Hills Centenary Oval, Commercial Rd, Rouse Hill, 2155


The Committee

Rob Watson

Steve Duval

Linda Roberts

Vince Skoljarev
Competition Secretary

Trish Aldred
Assistant to Executive Commitee