Coaches and Managers,

The following Team photos will be taken this SATURDAY 11thMay.


Under 7 Kerr  8.55

8 Wallaby A    8.40

9 Kangaroo    8.50

11 Kangaroo 10.00

11 Pelican   10.50

12/2    9.40



Teams still needing Photos

8 Echidna

9 Wallaby

10 Pelican



All have away games this week. As further information comes available we willschedule your photos. Alternatively, you are welcome to have them done at an available time this week if you want to come before an away game

As you can imagine doing a roster for the number of teams is a massive task and every effort is made to organize a photo time is as close to your game time as possible.


It is extremely important that teams arrive 5 min ahead of scheduled time with their envelopes filled out and ready to go with game jerseys on.


This will ensure that No team will be running late for their game.


Photos will be taken in front of the large trees adjacent to the overflow carpark.

 (If unsure check with Canteen staff)


A Team envelope can be collected from us directly on the day. Photos are Pre paid and will cost $15 for team only, $15 individual only, or $20 for team and individual. Please ask parents to have correct money.


Any queries should go directly to the photographer Vicki on 0411 789177