2021 Season Abandoned


              Dear Rams Family

              As you would no doubt be aware, Greater Sydney and other parts of NSW have been under lockdown restrictions due to COVID since late June 2021 and this will continue until at least 28 August 2021.

These lockdown restrictions have resulted in the fact that we have been unable to play games or train. After what occurred during the 2020 season, I don’t think anyone thought we would be in a similar situation again in 2021.

During the lockdown period Hills Football Inc. (HFI) have been in constant dialogue with Football NSW (FNSW), other associations, the NSW Office of Sport, and the local councils to determine the logistics of returning to play in 2021.

On 6 August 2021, HFI made the extremely difficult decision to abandon the 2021 winter season effective immediately.

             We know that you will have a number of questions in relation to this, so we will try and provide you with as much information as we possibly can:




At the time of registration, the total fee you pay is split into 4 fee components - Football Australia (FA), Football NSW (FNSW), Hills Football (HFI) and Rouse Hills Rams.

              HFI have indicated that due to the fact a full season was not completed, there will be a need for a partial refund of fees. Whilst the exact details have not been confirmed by HFI, the refund policy will be similar what                      occurred during the 2020 season. 

HFI are awaiting further details from FNSW and Football Australia (FA), but expect to offer refunds to returning players in 2022 in the following manner:


Fee Component


Football Australia (FA)

Any refund given by FA will be passed onto the participant

Football NSW (FNSW)

Any refund of insurance costs or other FNSW costs will be passed onto the participant

Hills Football (HFI)

Refund to be based on a pro-rata of games played.


The fee component for Rams is different amongst the various age groups. The table below provides details of some of the age groups:

Age Group

Total Registration Fee

Rams Fee Component

Percentage of Total Fee

U6 and U7




U15 and U16




Youth Girls




AAM, AAW, O35 and O45





As a club we have already outlaid a significant amount of money in 2021. Some of the expenses include:


·       Affiliation fees to Hills Football – Paid in full ($203,000).

·       Purchased over 1,200 training shirts.

·       Skills Development Program for U6 to U9 (Kano).

·       Purchased line marking paint, new balls and other equipment.

·       Contributed to the cost of seeding the grounds and construction of the new BBQ area.


Given the above, and in line with what occurred for the 2020 season refund process, there will be no refund of the Rams fee component.

 Any refund will be through Hills Football and as soon as we have further details from Hills Football, we will communicate this to all members.


End of Season Presentations

Once again, we are unfortunately not in the position to hold our end of season presentations. As such, the costs we had set aside for the for the Junior Presentation (trophies, rides and fireworks) will go towards a 2022 welcome back package for all returning junior players in 2022. This welcome back pack will be provided to returning junior players at the 2022 Muster Day.

If this season was your 5th or 10th season at the club, your 5 year cap or 10 year bag will be provided to you prior to the commencement of next season.


Team Kits

Given that we are still in lockdown, we are not in a position to advise on a date for the team kit return.  At this stage we kindly request that the various coaches/managers hold onto the kits for now and once lockdown restrictions are lifted, we will be in a better position to advise a date for the team kit returns.


Team Photos

We are aware that some teams have not received their photos that have already been paid for. Rest assured that we have the photos and once the lockdown restrictions are lifted, we will be able to provide details on how these can be collected.

We know that this is not how you wanted the season to end, we were all hoping that we might be able to get back onto the park, but unfortunately with the situation we are in at present it just wasn’t possible.

As soon as we receive any further information, we will make contact with you again.


On behalf of the Rams Executive Committee, I hope that you and all your family and friends stay safe.

Steve Duval


Rouse Hill Rams Soccer